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Good Energy -- Vol #1 of 7

ScreenMusic Series -- Tension Vol#5 of 6

ROCK & BLUES -- Rocktrax - Vol#13 of 15

ScreenMusic Series -- VersiTrax Vol#18 of 19

Eclectic Electronica -- Square Pegs - Vol#9 of 9

New Age & World -- Worldbeat -- Vol#4 of 4
We are a boutique publisher specializing in one-stop licensing for music professionals in all types of media, including film, television and the record industry. Our catalog is growing all the time, and currently contains about 5000 songs (vocals and instrumentals) by some of the top writers and composers in the business, and from all around the world.

Registered users will get the most out of this website, but even if you're not registered you can still listen to the music, read the Music Industry News, and check out the "For Writers Only" blogs, and more.

However, if you're a registered user you can do a lot more. Like...

  Immediately download full length, broadcast quality mp3 files (320kbps, 48K, true stereo).   16 bit, 48k WAV or AIFF available on request via FTP, or on hard drive with searchable interface.

  Collect songs you like into 'Projects', then send email directly from our website to your production staff containing a link to a private webpage where they can hear and download the songs you've selected. (No more burning CDs or attaching mp3s to emails!)

  Apply for different kinds of licenses.

  Use your private Global Graffiti FTP account to download .wav, .aif and other files. And more...

So! If you're not a registered user yet, SIGN UP and SIGN IN!!